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Opinion: Democrats are pursuing impeachment out of desperation
01072018 TRUMP
President Donald Trump - photo by Associated Press

Only God knows the evil that lurks in the hearts of the impeachers and their leaders, Pelosi, Schiff and Nadler. We can only speculate, but their words and actions give us some pretty good clues.

Members of Democrat voter blocks are defecting to Trump, and that spells the death knell for their party. They can’t let that happen. They will do whatever it takes to neutralize him, including fabricating scenarios, altering documents, lying, deceiving, breaking their oaths, subverting the Constitution and anything else useful from their standard toolbox.

They lust for power and, in order to get it, work tirelessly to deceive, defraud and divide We The People and to debase and degrade our beloved republic. Democrats thought the 2016 election was in the bag and theirs to exploit and that their power would be limitless. Clinton’s loss infuriated them beyond measure.

Trump’s economy, and many notable achievements benefiting Americans, shows the shortcomings of eight years of a Democrat administration that preached mediocrity and declined America. With any chance at a 2020 presidential win in jeopardy, Democrats will go to any length to take our president down.

These self-assumed elites display the height of arrogance and believe ordinary, patriotic Americans are below them. They claim to tread the moral high ground, all the while, working their selfish and immoral agenda.

They have no regard for the best interests of America and hold her founding and formation in disgust. They will go to any length to deny patriotic Americans who hold to family-centered values and traditions. The Democrat party is aggressively anti-Christian. Trump is strongly pro-religious freedom, which hinders Democrats’ march to socialism.

These are just bad people — incorrigible. How is it that they came together, mostly, in one political party?

Finally, and maybe most telling, these people have no shame for their dishonor. Humility, integrity and truth are anathema to them.

When will these reprobates get their comeuppance — their just reward? Maybe, just maybe — sooner than later.

Gary B. Hulsey