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Opinion: COVID-19 shot an exciting opportunity
01152021 VACCINE 3.jpg
Certified medical assistant Sabrina Edge, of the Northeast Georgia Physicians Group, gives Ron Davidson a COVID-19 vaccine Thursday, Jan. 14, 2021, at the Northeast Georgia Health System Corporate Plaza during the health system's second vaccine clinic for those 65 and over at the site. - photo by Scott Rogers

Recently, I have read several articles that indicate COVID-19 infections are now in decline, and many feel the holiday surge in transmissions is past us. I accept that may be one of the reasons for this decline, but I also believe the distribution of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines may have impacted the spread of this virus.

Availability of COVID-19 vaccines appears to be improving. In January, I had a difficult time contacting the health department and once I did, I was given an appointment for March 18, even though I am 76 years old. On Feb. 4, the Department of Public Health Hall County office called to find out if they could move up my appointment. 

I was offered Feb. 23, and I accepted that date but said if an early date comes available, please call me. The lady then asked, could I come in that day. On Feb. 4, I received my first of two Moderna COVID-19 shots. 

I do not live in a senior community. Getting the vaccine gave me an insight to our society. I have never seen so many elderly people in one place in Northeast Georgia. We were lined up into the parking lot. 

I’ve read that many people are reluctant to receive vaccinations, but this was not apparent with those waiting for their COVID-19 shots. The group was excited to have the opportunity. 

The morning after getting the shot, I had a slight feeling in my right shoulder that was nowhere near a pain. It was not even a discomfort. By Sunday, my right arm once again felt normal. 

Since September, I have had five injections. They were flu, pneumonia, two shingles shots and now the first of two COVID-19 shots. 

There is no comparison of today’s injections and those when I was growing up. Today’s needles are much better than the ones used when I was young. I admit to being a little chicken; I look away when they inject me. I just do not want to see that needle enter my arm. To my surprise, the lady giving me the shot had to tell me she was done. 

There I was waiting for a shot and it was over. 

Why go over this? 

I believe some people avoid getting vaccinations because they fear the injection. For those who have this fear, I want to assure them that injection technology has come a long way. To quote Franklin D. Roosevelt, “There is nothing to fear but fear itself.” 

Please get on the COVID-19 vaccine waiting list, and when it is your time, get the shot. You will be helping to protect society and yourself. 

Jimmy O’Neill


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