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Opinion: Conservative views don’t make you an extremist

Biden and the mainstream media have declared that MAGA Republicans are extremists. I am a conservative and I support most of Trump’s policies so I guess I am an extremist to woke Democrats.

I am for two-parent families. The single biggest predictor of poverty is single-parent families. Woke Democrats seem to support everything but strong families.

I am against mutilation of kids because psychiatrists and doctors convince them that they can be the other sex. Search for interviews of teens who regret transitioning. We need to help teens who regret transitioning sue doctors who give them hormones and mutilate them.

Politicians in Washington, D.C., New York and Chicago proudly welcomed all until illegal immigrants were sent to them. Now they are railing against Republicans rather than Democrats who caused the problem. They would rather spout ideology than solve the problem. Sen. Raphael Warnock needs to put the 87,000 IRS agents on the border. He just goes along with the Democrat leaders.

I am against allowing BLM and Antifa to destroy Black jobs and businesses in cities which then release them to do it again. I am against Democrat leaders allowing criminals to steal so much from businesses that they shut down when they are so needed by honest people in their area. I support victims. Woke Democrats support the criminals.

I am for encouraging kids to be the best they can and not teach them that they are victims. The Migration Policy Institute reported that Nigerian immigrants have a higher median household income than other Americans.  They are subjected to the same racism as other Blacks, but they were not taught that they are victims and can’t succeed.

I am against making life more complicated by requiring everyone to learn and use whatever pronoun a kid chooses. Some kids are playing with us. Learning different pronouns for everybody is impossible for many people.

I am against declaring war on oil without a backup. Gov. Gavin Newsom supports a bill to require that all cars bought in California be electric by 2035 shortly before telling people they are not allowed to charge their electric cars? Perhaps he should improve the grid first. There are no rolling blackouts in Florida.

Biden’s war on oil and Putin’s war increased oil prices and caused an explosion in coal use, increasing global CO2 emissions. Ideology is more important to them than solving problems.

I am against causing inflation with reckless federal spending. Months ago the San Francisco Federal Reserve indicated that the then federal spending created 3% of our inflation. Sen. Warnock voted for spending more since then. He is rich enough that inflation does not affect him.

Woke Democrats consider me an extremist. I suspect normal people believe woke Democrats are the extremists. Perhaps I am wrong?  (sigh)

Mike McConnell