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Opinion: Are we ‘woke’ or awake?
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“Woke” activists are trying desperately to change our way of life while the silent majority slumbers. Well, this writer isn’t “woke” and never will be. I’m wide awake and fully aware of an evil ideology seeking to sabotage the America most of us love. Some colossal challenges include:

Censored speech vs. free speech

Amendment I of the U.S. Constitution guarantees citizens the right to speak their minds provided we don’t act foolishly i.e., yell “fire” in a crowded theater. Alas, “woke” liberals would rather censor their critics than debate them. It’s time for conservative voices to be heard loudly and proudly regardless of the consequences. Otherwise, our precious freedom of speech will keep eroding and we’ll lose it. 

Political correctness vs. political incorrectness

Political correctness is idiotic suppression of personal expression. Bobby Jindal, former Louisiana governor, is right: “The absurdity of political correctness … is laughable, but the consequences are not.” For example, when the “woke” culture considers something offensive — being pro-life, opposing same-sex marriage or not using preferred gender pronouns — opponents are confronted, berated and often ostracized. Alarmingly, Google and Facebook welcome liberal viewpoints and suppress conservative perspectives deemed politically incorrect. 

Cancel culture vs. common sense

Deplorably, Black Lives Matter, Antifa and other radical groups used the tragic death of George Floyd to topple the statues of  legendary Americans and wreak havoc across our major cities. In short, extremist organizations want to cancel American culture. Common sense suggests we teach the good and bad of American history without revising certain chapters to fit a “woke” political narrative.

Racism vs. racial harmony

According to critical race theory, America is a fundamentally racist nation. It’s all about White guilt and White supremacist, not racial harmony. This “woke” movement sees White people as oppressors/victimizers and Black people as oppressed/victims. In other words, go backwards to move forward. Such Marxist madness divides us by race and devalues Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream of a time when his people “will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content  of their character.” 

Socialism vs. capitalism

Ironically, “woke” zealots castigate the capitalists who hire millions of employees who manufacture and market countless products that create the revenue and tax base necessary for socialists to promise “free” education, health care, food, housing and more to the masses. The duplicity is appalling. Capitalism has contributed mightily to America’s exceptionalism; socialism has failed miserably around the world.

Secularism vs. Judeo-Christian values

“Woke” proponents have done everything possible to remove God and faith from the public square. They ignore the Judeo-Christian values of our Founding Fathers and intend to make America a secular nation based upon group equity (guaranteed outcomes for all) instead of individual equality (opportunity for each citizen to pursue the American dream.)

Are you “woke” or awake? Will you sit weakly on the sidelines and watch our nation be decimated by a minority of morons? Or will you, the American majority, resist this liberal nonsense and advance the noble cause of our remarkable republic? 

Dick Biggs