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Opinion: Alan Dershowitz’s thoughts on impeachment make sense
Alan Dershowitz
Alan Dershowitz - photo by Associated Press

The Times' readers might gain a more reasonable perspective on the current impeachment melee going on in the House of Representatives if the newspaper could find and publish some of the recent comments on the subject by Alan Dershowitz, former professor of law at Harvard University and well-known civil libertarian. 

Dershowitz has well-reasoned opinions on the impeachment process generally and the current impeachment proceeding in particular. The hysteria and political flummery emanating from the House at the moment and then spread by uncritical media outlets of its emotional and hyperbolic rhetoric is a disservice to the American public and to the Constitution of the United States by which it purports to be driven. 

Strip away the mock soul searching, tears, religious references and false claims of “saving our country” and you are left with this. There are no impeachable offenses. Pretty simple. 

Bob Boyd