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Column: Leaders should work to ensure medications are affordable
Medical Park Pharmacy technician Reyna Mar reaches for a bottle of pills Tuesday at the Limestone Parkway pharmacy. Local pharmacies are not happy about the county’s move to create its own pharmacy.

For many years, I had high blood pressure that was difficult to consistently control. This meant I was always at an increased risk for developing serious and potentially life-threatening conditions, like heart disease. I felt helpless and lived in constant fear.

But then my doctors diagnosed me with atrial fibrillation and placed me on the proper medication to treat my heart. Armed with the right treatment, I felt like I was given a new shot at life. In the last four years since starting my medication, I have had no blood pressure problems, and I’m 90 years old!

I am immensely grateful to the biopharmaceutical companies that developed my treatment, and I am also lucky that my medication was affordable. But not everyone is so fortunate. That’s why we need our leaders in Congress to ensure that insurers cover the cost medications for everyone, especially seniors living on a fixed income. Because of our age, we often battle serious illnesses, and elected officials must ensure that we can access the necessary treatments.

This January, I voted for Senators Raphael Warnock and John Ossoff, and I will hold them accountable in protecting my — and every Georgian’s — right to affordable treatments. We all deserve a chance at a healthy, stable life, no matter our age or income.

Ladell Reynolds


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