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Letter: Distracted drivers can cause a lot of pain to others on the road

Recently around 3:30 in the afternoon, I was on the way home from Oakwood coming off McEver Road onto Browns Bridge Road. When we got to the light where you can turn off to go to Memorial Park Funeral Home, we were rear-ended. The person in front of us was somewhat colorblind, or their face was in their phone. The car behind us either had the same problem or was in a hurry. They rear-ended us, and did the cruel thing and turned to go toward Memorial Park and hauled it out of there.

We were able to pull into a parking lot to check the damage. My husband uses a Hoveround, and it and the lift we use to carry it with us was totaled. To say my heart was broken for my husband is an understatement. This chair gave him independence. He could go places and do things around the house that he couldn’t do without it.

Thankfully we have insurance and hopefully will reach a positive solution, but until we are able, he is now sidelined. And he gets very depressed not to be able to function like he can with the chair.

Why do people think they can operate at least a 4,000-pound vehicle and keep their face in their phones? You can’t do both and drive safely, you just can’t. You hurt people who would never had harmed a hair on your head. When you drive, please think of the ones around you. No call or text was worth the heartache my husband will go through until we can replace his chair.

Anita R. Hulsey


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