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Letter: Democrats should ditch the baloney, anger and accept Trump’s progress
02112018 TAX RELIEF
President Donald Trump speaks on tax policy during a visit to Sheffer Corporation, Monday, Feb. 5, 2018, in Blue Ash, Ohio. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

I caught Barack Obama and his debut from so-called obscurity and watched with disbelief the greatest display of Democratic baloney I have ever seen. 

I thought he had become delusional but I realized he was doing what Dems do best: lying. I heard about President Donald Trump being responsible for great division from a man who generated more division than anyone since George Wallace. Obama divided the races as profoundly as the Lord divided the Red Sea, and the flood of gross mismanagement that ensued left minorities with no jobs and food stamps.

Obama is so full of himself he is convinced ordinary people are incapable of making the right political and moral decisions. Therefore, he has come to our aid with his great wisdom that failed us for eight years.

Republicans quietly fade from the political landscape once they have served. Not so with Democrats. Will we ever be rid of Jimmy Carter, the Clintons and now Obama? 

Obama’s claim for turning the economy around is almost comical, except it is grounded in lies. Democrats never let facts taint their prevaricating. If we leave out the recession of 1945-46, his tenure was the worst performance since 1932. The highest annual growth rate with Obama in office was 2.8 percent. How does this look compared to a GDP of 4.2 percent? Note the number of food stamp recipients rose by 7 million between 2010 and 2012. 

Obama’s claim for honesty and transparency was beyond sickening. He and his Department of Justice were up to their eyeballs with sleazy backroom crime and deception, including upper echelons of the FBI and CIA. How about the insurance plot against Trump’s election; the phony dossier; “you can keep your doctor;” “your premiums will be reduced by $2,500;” corruption in the IRS —  examples of an administration riddled with corruption.

His comment on Trump being a threat to democracy I found interesting. I remember how threatened I felt when Obama stated he did not need Congress to implement his agenda because he had a” pen and a phone.” How many executive orders and strangling regulations followed?

Russian collusion is another tragic fiasco built on deceit, costs taxpayers millions and focuses on the wrong people. Remember the comment by Obama in what he thought was a dead mic to Dmitry Medvedev, saying “after the election will have more flexibility.” Who canceled our agreement to place missile defense systems in Poland and the Czech Republic? Who blinked on the red line when the Russians were found complicit in the poison gas incident in Syria? Who is the true Russian colluder?

Democrats seem to be the party of anger and bitterness unwilling to accept the fact Mr. Trump was duly elected president. Dems have no bounds; no lie is too big, no sleazy trick too nasty, and the objective is always to destroy your opponent by any means available. If nothing is handy, you manufacture something.

Here’s some advice for the Dems: Slack off and enjoy the benefits of “Making America Great Again.” He cut your taxes, too!

Gary Gambrell


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