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Letter: Continuing to add to growth just increases traffic problems
07022018 CONNECTOR 1.jpg
Gainesville is studying the possibility of a connector road that would provide an alternate route to relieve congestion at Dawsonville Highway and McEver Road. - photo by Scott Rogers

Either the city and county government planners and the DOT are dumbledorfs or they think the citizens are. There has been great hand-wringing hair-pulling concern about the traffic problems along Dawsonville Highway, even going so far as asking regular folks for suggestions to ease the traffic. Now they are spending taxpayers’ money to do a study, no less, of ways to fix the problem.

Well, it ain’t rocket science folks. Quit approving development of every single application for retail or high-volume residential complexes until you figure out how to keep traffic moving (like the one just approved near Lakeshore Heights). 

I know it’s hard to deny an application that will provide additional tax revenue but at least be honest about it. Don’t pretend you don’t know why traffic is a mess along Ga. 53. If you lived out this way I promise you’d figure it out real quick. 

Terri Strayhorn


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