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Letter: Company’s grant to clinic seems a minimal effort based on its profits
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Good News Clinics is at 810 Pine St., Gainesville. - photo by Scott Rogers

In response to the article “Grant a boost for Good News Clinic,”  it is important to acknowledge the efforts of the Good News Clinics as it fills a role in our community that is vital, but I feel that the forthcoming praise for Kaiser Permanente may be overinflated in this case. Our Congress and president continue to push an agenda of reducing corporate taxes and whittling away social safety nets such as Medicaid and affordable health care, and this leaves nonprofits to help people pick up the pieces.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported on Feb. 9 that “Kaiser Permanente’s health plans and hospitals posted strong financial gains in 2017, with profits rising nearly 23 percent to $3.8 billion.” When contrasted with these tremendous profits it is difficult to see the donation of $70,000 as anything other than a minimal effort to care for those who have been left behind by our restriction of Medicaid and the elimination of affordable health insurance by chipping away at the Affordable Care Act. 

As our courts have decided that corporations have the rights of citizens in many legal areas, it is up to the people to make sure they are responsible citizens who give back to their greater community in meaningful ways.

Bob Nolan


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