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Letter: Collins’ response misses the mark on government aid, economic growth

I received a response letter from my House Rep. Doug Collins today. So I’ll write him back here:

I felt really sad when I read in your letter that you think “our government is so intrusive” when my experience has been that I have seen how my government’s programs have helped scores of hungry and sick children that I taught during my 31 years in the public schools. Maybe you don’t know these children?

I felt really sad when I realized how you think “the national debt is oppressive” and yet you voted to increase it with tax giveaways to the wealthy. Maybe you don’t understand how debt works?

I felt really sad when you seemed to feel that “economic growth has been sluggish” when it is plain to see that economic growth has its limits and we must learn to come to terms with that, the sooner, the better, for both our people and our planet. Maybe you think economies can grow and grow forever?

I felt really sad to see that you think your positions are part of a “path forged with compassion, fairness and freedom,” when in truth you’ve followed right along with a president that seems to embody just the opposite of all three of those values. Maybe you have a different idea of what those words mean?

Wow. Sad to be represented this way. Very sad.

Sue Harmon


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