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Letter: Better to have a straight shooter as president than deceit and blame
09262018 OBAMA
Former President Barack Obama speaks as he campaigns in support of Pennsylvania candidates in Philadelphia, Friday, Sept. 21, 2018. - photo by Associated Press

He’s back! Crediting himself for our good economy and pontificating on our culture, the former president is in full campaign mode, lauding his scandalous, corrupt and divisive administration and continuing to portray himself as the master sage and oracle of all time.

Remember the professorial lectures from the White House? No passion and no uniting message, only telling his version of utopia and how to get there.

Remember his press conferences? He filibustered in order to give non-answers and cut back on the number of questions that time allowed. A favorite tack was to blame others, usually the prior president and the opposition party and, sometimes, our culture, alleging the standard list of phobias and derogatory group names for patriotic Americans.

And the secretary of State who lost the most recent presidential election is back (did she ever leave?) doing interviews, speeches and book tours. During her term, all public utterances from her evil vocal abyss were intended to deceive or were outright lies. She continues to this day!

How refreshing to now have a White House occupant who speaks assertively and succinctly, straightforward. At Cabinet and other meetings opened to the public, we are allowed to hear and see the interaction of the participants. We don’t have to guess or take the media’s word for what is said.

The transparency at his numerous, impromptu press conferences blow me away. Barring a national security concern, he never dodges a question. He answers assertively, stating facts and his true positions, while respecting the sender (himself and his administration) and receivers (the questioner along with viewers) in the communication exchange.

It’s as if he’s talking to you and me! Isn’t that what we want: government servants talking straight and in earshot of We The People?

Gary Hulsey


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