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Letter: America faces 2 huge problems, immigration and health care
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Perhaps someone needs to remind the Democrats of the two huge problems immediately facing the United States of America.

First, immigration. Under Obama the doors were thrown wide open and laws governing immigration were disregarded. Overwhelming numbers of immigrants, without qualification or training found their way into the U.S. They demanded, and received, all of the benefits of this country without having to qualify as citizens. 

Thirty five years ago, I had the very great pleasure of witnessing the swearing-in ceremony of an immigrant friend who on that day swore allegiance to this country, now his country. Congress must restore the responsibility of citizenship to all who would desire and earn that right.

Second, health care. Congress must decide whether it is in or out of the health care business. Obamacare has been declared illegal by the courts. 

The residue of Obamacare — sky high rates and sky high deductibles — have made a shambles of this law placing the service out of reach for those for whom the law was intended.

Democrats must decide: Should they serve their country or just continue the hate campaign against Donald Trump?

Bruce W. Hallowell


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