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Letter: White House uses one-side logic in its bathroom mandate
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Webster’s definition of one-sided: “With one side far superior or having all the advantage.”

Your 15-year old daughter or granddaughter has had a vigorous gym class. She decides she needs a shower. Mike decides on the spur of the moment that he is a female and enters the girls gym locker room. Your daughter or granddaughter comes out of the shower nude at the same time Mike enters the shower area. There stands Mike.

The Obama administration says Mike is lawful. Where are the rights of privacy for your daughter or granddaughter?

Your wife has had a strenuous workout at the local fitness center. She enters the shower stall. Ralph, who has just beaten a rape rap on a technicality now decides he is a female, and enters the shower area when your wife exits the shower. There stands Ralph.

The Obama administration says Ralph is within the law. Where are your wife’s rights to privacy?

One-sided logic has been the hall mark of the Obama administration actions based on the occurrences that have developed over the past seven years.

The transgender law is totally one-sided and also hypocritical, as probably none of the Obama administration’s children or grandchildren will be put in this arena. You see, their children are immune to this possible dangerous situation as they will be in private schools that are not subject to this edict.

The important question any sane person should ask themselves is: What is next? Is it polygamy? Could the Obama administration sink so low as to force the society to accept bestiality as normal? Nothing is off limits with them.

From the beginning, Barack Obama said he would transform America. This president is doing all he can to weaken us spiritually, morally, economically and militarily.

One-sided logic ill-used by the public elected a failed president for a second term as million of people would not vote for Mitt Romney because he was a Mormon. Consequently, Obama and the socialist Democrats have had time to almost complete their mission of reducing us to third world status. Congratulations socialist Democrats and Obama, your work is almost completed. Now, American public, use-one sided logic again and elect Hillary Clinton and not vote for Donald Trump because he is successful, and let her finish the job Obama started.

Jim Threlkeld

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