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Letter: When it comes to dishonesty in DC, both parties are the same
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In his recent letter, Gary B. Hulsey suggests Americans have lost their way and no longer stand for truth and justice. Referring to the Benghazi incident, he infers Hillary Clinton thinks the lives of U.S. personnel are expendable. He ignores the infinitely larger cost of the Iraq war in terms of lives, and fails to attribute appropriate responsibility to political leadership. Were those lives expendable also? Is this selective application of righteous indignation?

Republicans insist Clinton lied about details of events surrounding the Benghazi incident, but nobody is asking what we were doing there. That question is critical to understanding the whole truth and why the Benghazi compound may have become a target. Consider: It’s been established that we intentionally allowed U.S. weapons stockpiled in Iraq to be commandeered by the Islamic State. Sounds insane, right? Were we doing this in Libya, too? Were we running a logistical operation to ship Libyan weapons to Islamic insurgents in Syria as part of a CIA plan to topple Syrian President Assad?

That sort of activity would make the Benghazi compound a high value target. If that’s what we were doing, then Clinton would be bound under a secrecy oath to support any cover story the CIA hatched in the interest of national security.

During the Iran-Contra scandal, President Ronald Reagan was caught doing the same thing in Nicaragua. Pursuing the “national interest” for control of Nicaragua, Reagan intentionally violated the Boland Amendment passed by Congress to stop this illicit activity. Today we have the same criminal government doing similar things in other parts of the world. We didn’t vote for any of it. We didn’t vote for the illegitimate war in Iraq pursued by President George W. Bush, and we certainly didn’t vote for more regime change or “political transition” in Iraq, Egypt, Libya, Ukraine or Syria under President Barack Obama. It happened anyway.

The point is if we voted for change in the 2008 election to stop Bush’s war agenda and his interventionist foreign policy, we certainly didn’t get what we voted for. All that stuff is still going on under new management with a new name.

It continues because voters think we have a two-party system, and mistakenly believe if we could just elect the “other guys” all this dishonesty and criminal behavior would stop. In fact we don’t have two parties; we only think we do. Voters are being manipulated to serve the interests of an unelected shadow government called Wall Street. The CIA has rigged elections in other countries for so long there’s no reason to think they’re not doing it here, too. That’s why voters get no satisfaction, and why we feel like we were lied to by Presidents Obama and Bush, Hillary Clinton and Dick Cheney.

Ask why our election ballots don’t include a printed choice for “none of the above.” If you’re sick of demanding real change and getting the status quo, hang in there. Keep searching for the whole truth, and justice will come.

Bruce Vandiver

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