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Letter: We know all about Clinton, so why not give Trump a shot?
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Some elements of my observations will reflect my age. I’m a World War II veteran in my 89th year. While I have been determined to exit political controversies, it is difficult for me to resist.

Hillary Clinton appeared destitute in her reaction to news concerning Donald Trump’s recent visit to Mexico. She exhibited her lack of a positive contribution to the U.S. by blurting out that Trump could not heal Mexico’s relationship with us in a few hours after insulting them for a year. How would she know after living off the taxpayers for 25 years and contributing zero, except $20 trillion in debt, no budget and an annual deficit? “You can’t drink yourself sober or borrow yourself out of debt,” remains appropriate.

Her self-imposed outstanding traits also include remaining married to a saxophone player who used the Oval Office as a bordello and was impeached for lying about it. Why didn’t she get rid of him to recognize her and the country’s dignity?

Trump has had some questionable involvements and activities, but in spite of this and his sometimes unusual comments, a lot of his observations (that are not political) offer valid consideration. He is attempting to provide a wake-up call to the U.S. Who among us can cast the first stone, and how can Hillary predict his ability to manage the government without the Washington “establishment” involved?

Let’s try a different team. Congress also needs a change, which could be helped by establishing term limits. Our so-called Justice Department has become political, and along with the Supreme Court, the program needs cleansing throughout the system.

Let’s all provide Trump a fair opportunity to improve a failing government and hopefully discontinue the world from laughing at us and our democracy. I have no problem with a female president, but if or when it occurs, we need to make sure we and the rest of the world can honor and respect her. If Donald’s success will cause Al Sharpton to leave the U.S., that will be another victory in his favor, but who would accept Al?

After the messy circus that we have endured and survived the last eight years, has it occurred to anyone that if Hillary gets a run through the presidency, when she’s out that beautiful couple will be sucking over $500,000 a year from us taxpayers for the rest of their lives? Think about it.

Clarence Huhman


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