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Letter: Vote to keep our nation out of Democrats bloodied hands
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Folks, it’s crunch time!

What will Nov. 8 bring? Relief or a terrible, ominous foreboding of loss of liberty, religious persecution and full-blown tyranny? Yes, the choice is that drastic, that momentous.

People are behaving strangely. Some self-identifying Christians are denying, or blinking at, abortion and are supporting the Democrats’ presidential candidate. These supporters say they’re pro-choice, not pro-life. They like the sound of pro-choice rather than the truth: pro-death.

Any Democrats’ supporter is accepting that Planned Parenthood will continue abortions, partial birth abortions and the dismemberment and sale of human baby body parts. They are counting on a rogue, activist, law-making Supreme Court, the same court that ignored the Constitution, came up with a bypass and ruled that the Obamacare penalty is a tax. Had Chief Justice John Roberts and the gang ruled constitutionally, Obamacare would not have been implemented, not be a massive drain on our economy, and not be driving doctors out of the profession. Have you noticed that Obamacare premiums are going up at least 25 percent and with reported $14,000 deductibles?

Recently at an auto service waiting area with the TV covering election news, I spoke with a stranger who, in short order, identified as a supporter of Democrats. His feeling was that the Democrat’s many years of political experience is an asset. I didn’t challenge whether her experience is good or bad. I asked: What do you consider her biggest, or main, accomplishment as secretary of state? Silence, brief stammering, and more silence.

How about character? The Republican candidate’s sins are venial (think misdemeanor). The Democrat’s sins are mortal (think felony).

The Republican has said some crude and lewd words in the past. I’m guilty; how about you? The Democrat has blood on her hands from conspiring with the Obama regime and leaving brave Americans to die in Benghazi, then lying to cover herself and to help ensure the re-election of her boss.

The Democrat is a chronic, pathological liar. The FBI confessed to Congress and the American people that she lied about handling classified emails, yet recommended no indictment. As we all know full well and too well, the conspiracy of the president, attorney general, Bill Clinton and FBI director not to enforce the espionage act has destroyed our principle of equal treatment under the law.

The Republican loves America and its people. He’s proved it with many accounts of personally helping people when they were down and out and had health problems. The Democrat loves, or uses, those who are in a position to help her gain power and wealth. She cares not a whit about patriotic, working class Americans, the non-elites. The president called us bitter clingers; the Demo calls us “deplorables.”

Yes, it’s crunch time. You’ve heard the public service ad: Only you can prevent forest fires. On Nov. 8, only you can prevent the dissolving of our once great republic.

Gary Hulsey

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