Demonstrators block Jesse Jewell, fill Gainesville square on second night of protests
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Letter: Violent protesters ignore fair election, free speech
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I would like to comment on the protests taking place across this nation. I must say I have never seen such childish, petty and stupid behavior. These people do not believe in our Constitution nor in American liberty. Donald Trump was legally elected, fair and square, yet the extreme socialist left will not accept that fact. The real hardworking, patriotic American people have spoken and the protesters need to just get over it.

For eight years, we endured an ultraliberal president whose hateful agenda almost ruined our country. Yet we did not take to the streets, break widows or otherwise act like uncivilized barbarians. If the conservative element had acted this way, the left would brand us as right-wing terrorists. The liberal media, however, gives these people a pass. Such is not fair.

Concerning recent events at our institutions of higher learning, I must ask: What are they teaching our young people regarding the right of free speech? Why is it when someone with a worldview other than that of the socialist, Godless left speaks, they are silenced? Why do they react with so much violence and anger? Do other people not have rights?

What’s fair for the gander is fair for the geese. These thugs are intolerance defined and if they can’t let other viewpoints be heard, our president will do well to pull any and all federal funding.

American liberty is for all, not just for an elitist few.

the Rev. Stacey Wade

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