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Letter: South supports president, but he should switch Super Bowl teams
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Dear Mr. President: On Nov. 9, my alarm went off and I started to feel the depression setting in thinking America would still be on this wrong road we traveled down the last eight years. To my excitement, I went to Google and immediately it had your picture as our new president-elect.

It is difficult to explain the excitement, adrenaline and energy that followed. I smile more, laugh more, and when times are tough, I remember that it will be OK because the new Republic is upon us. You took on the media, the Democratic party and tough opposition to win maybe the most important election in history.

Every decision you make I stand firmly with my new president as you go to work bringing back our economy and country. Then on this Monday morning, I realized that we would have a North vs. South battle and I would have to stand against my president; typing this now I am in disbelief. So, Mr. President, I want to plead my case as to who you should back on the battlefield in Houston on Feb. 5.

As you took the campaign trail, media did not believe you would make it, just like media did not believe in my hometown Atlanta Falcons. I see a strong comparison between the two — your rise to the presidency and Atlanta’s “rise up” to the Super Bowl.

New England represents the old way with Atlanta being the new bullish system, and like you with its high-power offense. One thing was certain as America went to the polls: One state had your back — Georgia. Can you honestly say the same about New England? You had two great generals, Brady and Kraft, helping to win the election war but did you have the whole region behind you in the North? The answer is no.

You did have the South, which stood up to the old and welcomes in the new. I write to you today through this local media outlet to “Rise up in brotherhood” and stand with us as we stood with you to cheer for the new and exciting Atlanta Falcons.

Mr. President, I wish you the best and will pray for you to make good decisions as you follow your path to greatness and feel you will strongly stand by your convictions for our freedoms. If you ever need support, come to the South; we are here and ready to assist anyway possible.

As Super Bowl Sunday draws near and you receive dissension from the media for being a loyal Patriots fan, I am willing to go to the game and represent you professionally and show my support for the Falcons. This would show unity to the media and I can discuss my simple plan to fix health care, inner-city crime and transportation with you or members of your staff. You can sit me by Mr. Spicer; I really like his wit.

Sincerely, a loyal patriot.

Clint Johnson

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