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Letter: No-tipping trend is a new example of socialist ideals
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Thursday’s paper had an article about no-tipping restaurants. It reveals the extent of progressive political thinking in our culture.

The no tipping idea is a reflection of the European restaurant model where the gratuity is included. There are problems with that model.

First, it no longer is a gratuity when it is added to the bill. That is compulsion. Secondly, I have never experienced exceptional service in a restaurant in Europe, although I have had exceptional service in the United States.

Instituting a no-tipping policy is an advancement of the socialist, communist agenda of the progressive liberal mind set. The Democrats.

Think about what this implies for our culture. You and I lose the freedom to reward good service or withhold reward for poor service.

In this attempt to eliminate or reduce income inequality, the restaurant staff lose the incentive to provide good service. They lose the motivation to acquire new skills that would allow them to move into higher paying positions. Mediocrity becomes the norm and exceptionalism is lost.

Income inequality is the proverbial carrot on the string that causes a society to progress economically. Look at all the innovation and development that has caused so many to prosper in our business environment. There is no nation on earth that has offered its citizens the high standard of living that we enjoy in the United States. That fact is proven by the current immigration crisis.

If you want to live in the North American Union, vote for Hillary and continue the policies of the current administration. It has been attempting to fundamentally change America by diminishing our exceptionalism and guaranteeing our mediocrity.

If you make that choice, the United States and all of its attendant blessings will become a chapter in the history books.

Tom Day

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