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Letter: Nation losing its moral compass with Christianity under attack
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Never in my wildest imagination, when I was young, would I believe that I’d see conditions in America digress to the level we now live in. In our schools we are expressly forbidden to have scripture or prayer with our children as a part of their training for life. The very name of our Creator and Lord, Jesus Christ, cannot be mentioned without facing major disciplinary action. Public displays of the Christian faith in any form will get you serious legal and social problems from our government and many of our peers who have sold their souls, hearts and minds to our “politically correct” secular system.

I’m sick of hearing how prosperous and successful our national economy has become under eight years of this “loon” Barack Obama, and how all our national news media faithfully peddle this “lie” to Americans everywhere. Sadly, it seems hopelessly true that most, whether due to stubbornness or just simply not interested in keeping informed to the truth, seem to be content just to accept and knuckle order to our intrusive and corrupt elite in Washington.

Our sons and daughters who serve in our armed forces, sometimes even at the expense of their very lives, live on a level close to poverty. They work for less than minimum wage. They can’t even get decent health care when needed. On decisions when some are in Congress does propose some help for these, our military, crooks like Saxby Chambliss and Johnny Isakson voted to do little or nothing for them. Don’t vote, please, for bums like them ever.

On another subject of concern to me: Recently I read an article on the opinion page from a woman who did not believe that an undeclared war on Christians and Christianity was in full bloom in America. Baloney. The murder of millions of our unborn babies continues every day, funded by American taxpayers. The murder and crime and general mayhem on our streets are in the news.

Presently, Target stores now are allowing transsexuals to begin using the restrooms of their choice at the expensive of our wives and children’s safety and privacy. These people, polls show, comprise about 3 percent of American’s general population. Yet 97 percent of the rest of us are expected to knuckle under and accept it. What lunatics proposed and praised this into law?

Morality in this nation is a thing of the past. These are just a few items to prove that Christianity is indeed in a war.

Mickey Montgomery

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