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Letter: Lions Club members serve community well, seek others who want to join in service
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I would like to thank Johnny Vardeman for his excellent article on the history of the involvement of the Gainesville Lions Club with City Park. It was Lions’ community activities, especially their support of people who are blind and visually impaired, that attracted me to the club many years ago.

One correction I would like to make is that I am first vice-president this year. Our president is Robin Hubbard, finance manager at J&J  Foods. She represents one of the positive moves the club made years ago in bringing women into our membership. Robin is doing a great job leading us in continuing to serve our community.

If you are looking for ways of joining others in service, if you would like leadership development and great fellowship along the way, please consider the Gainesville Lions Club. You may contact me at 678 936-3911.

Mike Hall
1st vice-president, Gainesville Lions Club

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