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Letter: Let Gainesville school leaders know thoughts on Enota plan
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RE: Times article of June 7: “Gainesville going with original Enota school plan, which includes destroying garden.” Over the last several weeks, a lively discussion has been held by hundreds of people interested in saving the garden at Enota school as part of the new school’s overall design. Over 1,200 citizens signed a petition supporting the garden and imploring the board to proactively seek a realistic compromise.

At the Board of Education meeting May 16, Enota parents and volunteers expressed concern for the proposed site design and the overall transition plan, requesting that a more inclusive process be followed. Then, just this week and with no further public dialogue, Chairwoman Delores Diaz announced that the board had decided at a special called meeting that it would not reconsider the plans.

The petition has not been acknowledged. The called meeting at which the decision was made appears to have been scheduled with less than the required 24 hours notice and therefore with no press and no members of the general public in attendance. As a decision that affects the Enota community for the next 50 years, it should not be made without all perspectives present. Decisions of this import should be made openly and only after lengthy discussion to ensure all perspectives are heard.

If you are an Enota parent, volunteer, alum or community member with a concern about the new Enota or the decision-making process, contact the school board and superintendent and make yourself heard:,,,,,

David Bryant

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