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Letter: Leftist forces, supported by Obama, allow violent marches
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“There is only one way in which the murderous death of the old society and the bloody birth throes of a new society can be shortened, simplified, and concentrated, and that is by revolutionary terror.” These were the words of communist Karl Marx, in the Engels Neue Rheinische Zeitung article “The Victory of Counter-Revolution in Vienna,” 1848.

What you are witnessing in the marches today are partially inspired by leftists and communists. This is the age-old battle between capitalism and communism. Just as there will always be a battle of evil vs. good within man, in a society there will always be a battle for the form of government people are willing to fight and die for.

In our country for years, we have witnessed violence, predominately from the left, which receives funds from George Soros, Media Matters and communist organizations. If you notice, no Democrat, including President Barack Obama, has said one word to curtail this violence. That is because, I believe, Obama supports the theory put forth in the above article by Marx.

So far, the people who voted for Donald Trump, for the most part, have not been attacked. However, there is a possibility if the current anarchy does not achieve its violent goal, violence could be directed at Trump supporters.

If we had a Justice Department that would support the rule of law, this violence could be controlled. But at this time, the Justice Department, which decides law by Obama’s whim, will do nothing, as I feel they actually support what is occurring.

It is my hope this will change in a few days when we will have an administration that is not corrupt, and will give us equal justice for all its citizens.

Jim Threlkeld

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