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Letter: Its presidents job to try and keep enemies out of country
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In October of 1962, a foreign enemy of the United States sent weapons to Cuba. These weapons were capable of attacking our cities and killing our citizens. Then president John F. Kennedy, a Democrat, stood true to his oath of office to defend our country from all enemies, foreign and domestic. He ordered a naval blockade and brought the world to the brink of nuclear Armageddon. History has proven that his show of strength won a decisive victory and turned those weapons around.

Today we are threatened by a foreign enemy. That enemy, ISIS, is sending weapons to attack our cities and our citizens. Donald Trump has called for a temporary blockade of those weapons, terrorists, until we can identify them and turn them around. Rather than being applauded, he is ridiculed by his own party and, ironically, by the party of Kennedy.

Our current resident of the White House has been reluctant to identify the enemy. He has chosen to lead from a position of weakness. He has forsaken his oath of office and failed in his responsibility.

We need leadership that will put the safety of the citizens, all citizens, of this country before their political legacy. A president that will uphold and support the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. A statesman more concerned with the future of the United States than their own.

Thomas Day


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