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Letter: Holiday concert not right without the Christmas
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I wish to thank Dr. Steinhaus and Director Bobby Ivey for organizing and delivering a concert by the Music Department of Brenau for the public on Nov. 23. I think it is a great idea and it publicizes the name of Brenau University at a season that is traditionally merry.

Unfortunately, I will not attend a "holiday concert," though I would have come to a Christmas concert.

I think it is preposterous to avoid naming events as Christmas-related, if in the process we might offend the 1 percent or even 2 percent of those who are sensitive beyond proportion. In my many years of life, my family and I have marked

Christmas, even in the company of our Jewish friends who did not mind celebrating with us their Hanukkah in the midst of our Christmas celebrations.

Let us face it: The vast majority of Americans are Christians and more so in Hall County. To deny us, the overwhelming majority, the privilege of celebrating the birth of Christ in favor of an abstract holiday is offensive to the God we believe in and to us.

Perhaps my family and I will join you at next year’s Christmas Concert.

James Peters

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