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Letter: GOP wouldnt be facing Clinton if they had been able to oust Obama
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A reply to Bruce W. Hallowell, who penned the letter “Clintons would bring a career of corruption back to White House.”

Hillary will win anyway. Not because she isn’t damaged goods, thanks to decades of persistent conservative political attacks, but simply because she represents a better leadership choice than Donald Trump. If I had my druthers, I’d have elected Hillary when she was younger, more idealistic and less coerced by the threat of another Republican investigation or impeachment. But still, given the existing choices, Hillary is my man.

I should remind Mr. Hallowell Republicans could almost certainly have avoided Hillary by impeaching President Barack Obama, thereby making Joe Biden president. Biden would then automatically run as the incumbent. Republicans didn’t do that, and I want to know why. If Obama’s policies troubled them so greatly, why didn’t Republicans impeach him?

Instead, they went after Obama’s attorney general, Eric Holder, his secretary of state, Clinton, and the FBI for not charging Hillary with a crime relative to the email scandal. That’s a whole lot of needless persecution when you could just go straight to the top.

Republicans had a better case for impeachment of Obama than they ever had against Bill Clinton. After investigating Whitewater and the Rose Law Firm and finding nothing, Republicans built a legal trap for Bill Clinton by forcing him to give sworn testimony about his private life and relationships with numerous women. It was an act of craven desperation.

Compare that with Obama’s violation of citizen’s constitutional rights by spying on our email and telephone communications, his violation of the War Powers Act, and his executive order to assassinate an American citizen without trial or due process. Oddly, Republicans overlooked all of that. They accepted it. And now Republicans campaign against Hillary Clinton by seeking to direct our hatreds instead of guiding our hopes. What’s up with you guys?

I’m disappointed to see Republicans continue to focus on Hillary’s email server and the Benghazi incident — even when they never investigated Obama’s foreign policy or his war agenda — and they never asked Vice President Dick Cheney about his secret meetings with heads of U.S. oil companies just prior to the invasion of Iraq. Further, Republicans never investigated to determine where the WMDs went that Cheney used as false justification for the invasion. Though he said “we know where it is,” Republicans never asked him to produce the WMDs. And while 4 people died at Benghazi, almost 4,500 U.S. servicemen and women died in Iraq, and half a million Iraqi citizens died as a result of Cheney’s agenda for war. And you let him off the hook. Republicans would rather focus on the Benghazi incident and Hillary’s email server.

So let me be clear: I’m voting for Hillary because of what Republicans have done when they had control. I’ve seen what you clowns allowed Cheney and President George W. Bush to get away with, and I refuse to accept it.

Bruce Vandiver

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