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Letter: GOP leaders again sell out conservatives
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The new GOP leader of the House, Paul Ryan, worked with Democratic leadership as conservative Americans’ leanings took a back seat to an omnibus bill of tax, spending and regulatory legislation of nearly $2 trillion, done late at night with no time to read and debate.

The big slap to the conservatives was funding for Planned Parenthood, EPA and President Barack Obama’s agenda.

The mask is off these Washington Rinos. We must vote them out for stronger conservative leadership in D.C. since we’re being sold out again and again.

Wake up, America, Washington, D.C. is broken as we’re lied to by both parties for their financial gain and power status. They say they represent us, but their greed is destroying what our Founding Fathers created.

Now the Dems look to third-world refugees to be their voter-slaves to support and control by ways of massive entitlement spending at our expense. This is unlawful, but they’ve been doing this under Obama’s liberal agenda.

This is why American Republicans are revolting and voting for nonpoliticians or strong conservatives such as Ted Cruz. Let’s make America great again.

The old guard GOP has led us down the wrong path. Either they don’t have a backbone or they believe in the liberal agenda.

They don’t understand; we don’t want them to work with the Dems, since their liberal progressive views are not constitutional and based on falsehoods to manipulate Americans.

Jane Browder

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