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Letter: Gainesvilles school board has ignored wishes of community
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My frustration with Superintendent Wanda Creel and the Gainesville City School Board has grown since the June 6 meeting.

The supporters of the Enota school garden have repeatedly petitioned the board, which has repeatedly ignored our requests for thoughtful consideration and response. We were told that our requests would be considered and our questions answered. At the May 16 meeting, Dr. Creel announced there were more pressing issues to address first, such as the Mundy Mill School, giving the impression that our garden issue would be put on the back burner for the time being. Well, that was the first meeting, just before school was out for the summer.

We asked for more time. That didn’t happen. The board announced a called meeting for June 2, with only 24 hours notice, and then went into executive session to pass the motion to continue with the original plan to demolish the garden and tear down the current building.

Then, at the June 6 meeting, we again petitioned the Board and Dr. Creel to respond to our concerns. I was amazed at how the board did not have the respect to at least make eye contact as we made our limited three-minute presentations. No, the majority along with Dr. Creel, did not even look up from their notes.

This lack of consideration would suggest a callous disregard and even contempt for the earnest expressions of concern from residents of Gainesville. Not only do we have a problem with plans for the garden’s destruction, it seems we have a school board that is intent on ignoring its community’s wishes. This is not a model for developing the values of good citizenship in our students.

We want to educate our children to be thoughtful, respectful leaders who can work together collaboratively. This is an issue bigger than our Enota garden.

Gail Sargent

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