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Letter: Earths temperatures constantly change, yet not because of CO2
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I’ve read August was the hottest month on record worldwide since 1880 by three-tenths of a degree Fahrenheit. This past March was warm in North Georgia But was it warmer in Scotland, Alberta, Canada, or Berlin? No one has said.

Ninety percent of earth’s frozen water is in Antarctica. This means Greenland, North Pole, Siberia, and European Alps have the other 10 percent. Is the sea level rising? It is predicted Greenland’s ice and snow will melt by the year 3000. That’s more than 900 years from now. Do you think if Greenland becomes ice-free, its 6 percent will raise sea level by more than an inch? Actually, the sea level on our East Coast is not rising; fact is, the land is sinking. Teutonic plates are shifting which they do continually. Remember eons ago, Florida was sea floor, as was most of Georgia up to Macon.

Chemistry teaches us that carbon is essential to all plant life. Greenhouse gas is carbon dioxide, or CO2. In the last ice age 18,o00 to 20,000 years ago, CO2 was low, about 180 parts per million and plant life was stunted. If CO2 levels continue dropping, in 2 million years, plant life will die, there will be no food, and starvation will result.

CO2 is not the enemy. The millionaires and political power-holders are the enemy, as well as three-tenths of scientists. At the recent Warming Conference in Paris, under questioning it was admitted if nothing is done, the temperature will rise by three-tenths of a degree Fahrenheit by 2116, a hundred years from now.

Some greenhouse farmers raise the CO2 levels in their greenhouses to stimulate growth. While there will be some temperatures rising with more CO2, Earth’s average temperature is always rising or falling in cycles. The major causes of weather are the jet stream, El Niño, the Gulf Stream and the sun. We have no control over these.

I refer you to “The Positive Impact of Human CO2 Emissions on The Survival of Life on Earth” on the web. This 20-page paper contains four additional pages, giving the footnotes found there, and other references. I cannot change your mind, but this paper will give you facts you need and not unsubstantiated claims.

George C. Kaulbach

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