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Letter: Documentary on Jackson County war hero was a fitting tribute
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Congratulations to Garland Reynolds on the beautiful documentary he helped produced on the incredible life of Jackson County veteran Damon “Rocky” Gause. It was so well done and made his life journey so real. The nurse, Millie Dalton, was also given the recognition she deserved.

The local talent in the film was wonderful. Chandler Massey, Kyle Massey and Cory Smith were so professional.

The Gause family can be so proud of not only Rocky Gause but of his wife and son for persevering this wonderful history and sharing it. His grandchildren are doing their part to keep the material artifacts together.

Everyone involved in this project did a wonderful job and we thank you for sharing this hero’s journey with us.

The Times’ layout on the graduates is so good, perhaps this format could be used for veterans. If you know some of their stories you realize they should be told (re: Rocky Gause). They should not be charged (I am assuming the seniors were not) and the families would be so proud for them to be recognized. After all, the graduates only went to school; the veterans gave their lives.

Agnes Hamilton

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