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Letter: Deal should focus on highway dangers, not innocent refugees
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Gov. Nathan Deal is anxious to protect us. Syrian refugees fleeing terrorism and war need asylum. Some of those refugees may potentially be ISIS terrorists. So Gov. Deal wants to keep them all out. It is an easy position to take, as it bears no expense to the state and makes him appear to be a concerned leader.

Nearly 200 people were injured or killed in France as a result of a terrorist attack. During Gov. Deal’s tenure, approximately 6,000 people have been killed in traffic accidents on roads in Georgia, nearly 1,200 in 2015 alone.

What action is Gov. Deal taking to prevent further fatalities? None! It is a challenge that would require funding. The evidence indicates he believes those 6,000 lives are not worth the cost.

During Gov. Deal’s tenure, I have driven on the interstates and highways of Georgia for 200 to 300 miles, numerous times, and not seen one traffic enforcement officer. People driving on Georgia’s roads foolishly ignore speed limit signs. Why? First, they are ignorant of the jeopardy in which they place themselves and other drivers around them. Second, they know there is nearly a total absence of traffic enforcement.

As an example, reduced speed limit signs have recently been placed on Ga. 400 between Exit 12 and Ga. 369. The posted speed limit is now 55 mph, but if you even drive 60 mph, you’ll nearly get run off the road by those doing 75 mph. I have yet to see any traffic enforcement there since the reduced speed limit signs were posted.

Six thousand people have died on Georgia roads since Gov. Deal took office, and he takes no action to abate the carnage. Yet he postures to protect us from terrorists possibly planted among Syrian refugees. It is easy to posture when posturing has no cost. It is challenging to lead when leading is the right thing to do, but makes you uncomfortable.

Gov. Deal needs to take action to insure our safety on the roads in Georgia.

Frank Lock

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