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Letter: Climate change cant explain past weather events
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With reference to Tom Crawford’s column in The Times on Wednesday, Tom uses the recent wet weather to attack Georgia Republican elected officials. Tom provides no scientific backing for his premise that “climate change” is about to kill us all because Republicans are not believers in “climate change.”

When I was about 6 years old, in Charleston, S.C., it rained in the fall so much that the creek in our backyard flooded our neighboring lots and houses. That was about 1953.

In 1965, it rained from mid-August through mid-September, continually. Creeks and rivers flooded near my home in Aiken, S.C. In 1985, as peanut farmer/President Jimmy Carter’s policies caused me to lose my construction job, it rained every single day in October — my last month on the job.

A few years later, central Georgia had a 500-year rainfall of 16 inches and many people died.

So since I know for sure that a solid month of rain in the fall happens about every 30 years, why — if climate change exists — are the average temperatures over the past 60 years cooling or staying the same, rather than increasing?

It seems to me the Republicans you quote are absolutely correct in their assessments of “climate change,” which is simply a liberal political position. And why should any government be responsible for controlling the earth’s weather, even if they could?

Rick Frommer

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