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Letter: Cleaning up after your dogs shows consideration for others
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I love my dogs. I take good care of them.

I love my neighborhood and try to take good care of it, too.

That is why when I walk my dogs, I take baggies with me and clean up after them. That seems the very least I can do. OK, maybe if it is dark and our walk takes us to a wooded area, away from the path of other walkers, I might not clean up as good as I should, but easily 80 percent of the time our walk does not foul the area.

What puzzles me is why other dog walkers can allow their pets to foul sidewalks and lawns with apparently no thought to the disgusting mess they leave behind. I don’t mind cleaning up after my dogs. I don’t want to clean up after yours!

Please take some baggies with you. Please.

Gene Lawson

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