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Letter: Citizens Academy a great way to learn how city functions
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We just completed the Gainesville Citizens’ Government Academy 2016 program offered by the city of Gainesville.

We truly thank all the Gainesville employees and elected officials who gave of their time and efforts over nine Monday evening sessions. They enlightened us on what they do, what they offer us and how the various departments work together for the benefit of Gainesville residents.

All of the city employees we met are dedicated, fiscally prudent and are a caring and giving group of people! They are a pleasure to get to know and learn more about their various departments, their concerns and the future plans for Gainesville.

Our fellow “classmates” we met are an interesting group and were delightful companions during our classes held at different locations throughout the city and on our bus tours. They all expressed a love of where they live.

More than ever we are pleased we chose to retire and live in Gainesville.

If the Gainesville Citizens’ Academy program is offered again in the future, you owe it to yourselves to obtain and submit an application. You will gain a further insight into the remarkable place we live and call home.

Bob and Regina Fuller

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