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Letter: Brenau concert labeled holiday because of timing at Thanksgiving
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James Peters’ letter in The Times on Monday suggesting that Brenau University chose to name its Holiday Concert “in favor of an abstract holiday” inaccurately reflects the program and its content.

We have, indeed, used the term “Christmas concert” in the past. However, due to scheduling this year, the concert occurred during Thanksgiving holiday week. Since it would be the last opportunity for a performance until after the New Year, we simply chose a title that spanned the season and all the upcoming holidays.

The evening’s program, which mixed sacred, classical and popular music, was almost all Christmas music, including some traditional winter-themed songs that have nothing to do with Christmas but have been long-ago appropriated as “Christmas songs.” We believe we provided an opportunity — including an opportunity to sing along! — for each to celebrate as they see fit as part of a greater community.

Barbara Steinhaus, Chair
Bobby Ivey, Assistant Professor and Music Education Director
Department of Music, Brenau University, Gainesville

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