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Fall ballot choice: GOP leaders provide clear choice to protect freedoms, tax dollars
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In politics, as in most times throughout our lives, we have choices. The choices of the people of the GOP candidates for president and vice president are Donald Trump and Mike Pence.

This is not a time for those in our party to be divisive. There are those individuals who say “Never Trump.” For those Republicans who are still of that opinion, I offer you some choices. Can you hand our country over to Hillary Clinton knowing her checkered past as secretary of state? After Benghazi, the e-mail “secret” server debacle, its investigation and her “stilted” responses, Whitewater and The Clinton Foundation’s “pay for play “ allegations, how can she be trusted? You have a choice.

This choice goes beyond Clinton. If she were to take office, she likely would appoint a liberal Supreme Court justice for the vacant seat. It’s also likely more appointments could become available during her term. These are lifelong appointments that interpret the law of the land, and with the resulting ratio of liberals and conservatives, the decisions would predominately be liberal. At a time when our country seems to have lost its moral compass, we cannot let this happen. Again, this is a choice we make with our votes.

We must reclaim the rights being taken away from us, and the only way to achieve that is to elect Trump. He has stated he will appoint conservative Supreme Court justices. This is of the utmost importance if we wish to secure our rights.

Gov. Pence is a former six-term U.S. representative from Indiana. He successfully ran for Congress in 2000, rising to the powerful position of Republican Conference Chairman, before being elected governor in 2012. Pence, a staunch social conservative, has served the GOP well. While in general agreement with the presidential candidate in areas of immigration, gun rights, foreign policy and trade, he leans much farther to the right of Trump. Pence has 16 years of political experience to offset Trump’s political inexperience. All of this brings us back to our opportunity to choose, and makes for a well-balanced ticket.

We saw a very patriotic Rudy Giuliani rush to the aid of the New York City people in the wake of the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001. In April, he offered his support for Trump and concurs with his focus on the economy, immigration and security of our country. Another choice made.

Trump is a highly successful businessman who identifies the pitfalls and the advantages as presented in any given situation. He negotiates from a high bar to get people’s attention. This attribute will go far when dealing with international trade and in negotiations with those who wish to see America fail in order to serve their own agendas.

America must regain its proper and unchallenged role as the world’s power, and this can only be achieved through strong leadership. Trump offers just that. With Clinton, we would experience the same lack of leadership that has crippled our country under Barack Obama’s administration. One needs only to look at the Iran nuclear deal to realize the truth. Again, choices.

At the Republican and Democratic conventions, you heard the good, the bad and the “fantasy.” The reality of this country’s status was clearly addressed in Trump’s acceptance speech vs. that of the “fantasy” speech by Clinton. Immigration, protection of our rights provided by the Constitution our Founders gave us, Supreme Court appointees and Affordable Care Act reform are all issues Trump can and will address. Clinton stated repeatedly that she feels our country is “just fine.” Again, choices.

Trump has based his campaign on being a Washington outsider, a businessman, not a politician. Closer to home, we have our own businessman-turned-politician who has made great strides in Washington that positively affect Georgia. His strong business acumen has served Sen. David Perdue very well. Again, he was the people’s choice.

We have other local and state races to be decided in November. Incumbent Sen. Johnny Isakson stands to uphold the rule of law with a proven record of working to protect our Second Amendment rights. He has advocated for the rights of veterans, right to life and smaller government. Before entering politics, he was a successful businessman, and still knows the importance of fiscal responsibility. He is being challenged by a Democrat.

Incumbent U.S. Rep. Doug Collins has already won his race from a deep bench. The people had a choice, and have clearly spoken in support of his leadership. We are very proud to have him as our congressman.

Incumbent state Rep. Emory Dunahoo is known for having filed House Bill 1141, the Georgia Fair Tax Act. This bill would allow Georgians the opportunity to keep more of their hard-earned dollars and become a part of growing a strong economy. He also is challenged by a Democrat.

Incumbent Hall County Commissioner Jeff Stowe also is opposed by a Democrat. He has worked hard for the people of District 4, and is a vital member of Board of Commissioners.

Let’s keep our good Republicans in office this November.

Trump is very vocal on his views on border control, rebuilding a strong military, less government, lowering taxes and taking our collective heads out of the sand and realizing we are at war with terrorists. He may not be the perfect candidate but he is our nominee, and we need to get out the vote and encourage others to do the same. We have the choice to take our country back in November by casting our votes for the action based Republican Party.

Debra Pilgrim is chairman of the Hall County Republican Party.

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