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Winder man indicted in friend's death by fentanyl in Gainesville
Trichel faces felony murder charge in February death of Joseph Patterson
Casey Trichel
Casey Trichel

A Winder man was indicted July 13 for allegedly selling fentanyl to his friend who later overdosed, according to authorities.

Casey Aaron Trichel, 24, faces charges of felony murder, sale and distribution of fentanyl and involuntary manslaughter. Joseph Patterson, 23, is believed to have ingested the pills under the assumption they were prescription medicine, Gainesville Police said.

Patterson visited a cousin in Gainesville on Feb. 15 and is believed to have died between then and the following day. He was found unresponsive on the floor of a Shades Valley Lane home in Gainesville.

An attempt to reach Trichel’s attorney, Scott Drake, for comment was unsuccessful.

Gainesville Police Investigator Glenn Ewing testified May 14 that Trichel left voice messages to family members, according to his interviews, about the pills being something different than previously thought.

The lab report returned, Ewing said, showing the drugs were stamped to look like oxycodone.

Fentanyl is a narcotic more powerful than heroin.

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