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Why this small group gathered at Gainesville pedestrian bridge
11092018 PROTEST 1.jpg
Tom Kubala holds up a sign Thursday night near the Gainesville pedestrian bridge combining a classic beer slogan with the name of special counsel Robert Mueller. A small group gathered advocating for the protection of Mueller's investigation into Russian meddling.

Fewer than a dozen people gathered near the Gainesville pedestrian bridge Thursday night with signs advocating to “protect” special counsel Robert Mueller.

University of North Georgia assistant professor Matthew Boedy organized the small rally.

Responding to the ouster of Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the appointment of acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker, Rosemary Zumwalt called it an “absolute travesty.”

“I’m afraid they’re going to try to shut it down or de-fund (the Mueller investigation), which is the same as shutting it down. I am hoping that many people will rise up to object to that,” said Zumwalt, retired from Agnes Scott College.

Boedy said they had roughly 10 to 15 people honk, while others expressed pro-Trump sentiments.

The small protest dissolved as the rain strengthened around 6 p.m..