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Wednesdays rains may make roads icy this morning
Pedestrians brave the cold rain Wednesday as they walk near the courthouse in downtown Gainesville. Forecasters said the rain could freeze on roads overnight, creating black ice this morning. - photo by Tom Reed

Weather forecasters are cautioning drivers in Northeast Georgia to be on the lookout for black ice this morning during their commutes.

"Just be careful on the roadways," said Jessica Fieux, a meteorologist for the National Weather Service office in Peachtree City.

Rain showers and even snow in some areas Wednesday could freeze into icy patches on the road this morning, Fieux said.

"Drivers need to remember that in winter driving conditions, bridges and overpasses will become hazardous before other portions of the roadway, so exercise caution and monitor local media for local conditions," said Gordy Wright, a spokesman for Georgia State Patrol.

Predictions on Wednesday were for rain showers in the evening.

Further north in Cleveland, snow showers were forecasted for areas near the mountains, but with little accumulation expected.

Fieux said on Wednesday that the hope was strong winds would push precipitation off the roadways to create fewer areas of black ice.

Temperatures are expected to begin climbing above freezing by 9 a.m.

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