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UNG has added these countries to its list of international partnerships
UNG’s connections grow with India, Taiwan partnerships
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MB Srinivas, dean of BML Munjal's College of Engineering and Technology, shakes hands with University of North Georgia President Bonita Jacobs after signing a partnership agreement between the schools on Nov. 6. - photo by Courtesy University of North Georgia

The University of North Georgia has inked an agreement to form a science and business partnership with BML Munjal University in India, as well as faculty and student exchanges.

“I am delighted that UNG has an academic connection with BML Munjal University so that our students, faculty and staff can learn more about India’s culture, as well as the institution’s academic and industrial innovations,” Sheila Schulte, associate vice president for international programs at UNG, said in a press release.

J.B. Sharma, assistant department head of physics at UNG, visited BML Munjal recently when he was in India to see family. 

“Engagement between the oldest democracy and the largest democracy in the world is very important,” Sharma said. “It will be beneficial for both societies.”

Earlier this year, UNG announced two new partnerships in Taiwan to help UNG create opportunities for its Chinese-language learners, as well as those interested in East Asian studies, by providing key locations for learning through UNG’s expanded global footprint.

Taiwan’s Management College, National Defense University, and UNG signed an agreement Aug. 22 facilitating the exchange of students and faculty. And in October, an agreement was made with Fu Hsing Kang College, National Defense University. 

On Aug. 27, UNG signed an agreement to extend its partnership with the Republic of China Military Academy, a relationship that began in December 2012.

UNG now has military student exchanges with 11 schools.