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TV show examines Hall Valentines Day murder-for-hire case
Reginald Coleman

The case of three people convicted in a Feb. 14, 2010, murder-for-hire plot will be revisited Wednesday on “Crime Watch Daily with Chris Hansen.”

Richard Schoeck was shot to death at Belton Bridge Park, where he and his wife Stacey Schoeck had arranged to meet for Valentine’s Day.

Investigators later discovered Stacey Schoeck plotted with co-worker Lynitra McKale Ross and Reginald Coleman to kill Richard Schoeck. Ross was convicted and Stacey Schoeck and Coleman pleaded guilty in 2012, and all three were given life sentences.

The broadcast, which will air at 10 a.m. Wednesday on Peachtree TV, will revisit the case through interviews with Hall County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Dan Franklin, Northeastern Judicial Circuit District Attorney Lee Darragh and members of the Schoeck family.

Ross appealed her life prison sentence to the Georgia Supreme Court in 2014 regarding phone records that ultimately led investigators to solve the case.

The records showed a call between Coleman and Ross around the time investigators believe the murder happened, and the cell tower put Coleman near the park.

The Georgia Supreme Court upheld Ross’ conviction, as the justices wrote that Ross did not have standing to challenge the phone record release because the records are the phone company’s property.

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