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Trapped infant freed from vehicle, unhurt
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A 13-month-old infant was freed from a locked vehicle parked at a Flowery Branch department store where his mother was shopping at the time, said Lt. David Spillers of Flowery Branch Police Department.

The infant's mother, Megan Elizabeth Dean, 25, of Lula was booked into Hall County Jail and charged with reckless conduct.

The boy was distraught but uninjured after being left in the car unattended, Spillers said. The child was restrained in a car seat at the time.

A bystander alerted officers to the parking lot at Ross in Stonebridge Shopping Center around 12:30 p.m. Hall County Fire Department responded to the scene and helped police free the infant as well as check him out medically.

"There were some minor medical issues, nothing that would require treatment," Spillers said.

The Department of Family and Children Services were called to evaluate the case. The boy's father is with the infant. 

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