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Think you're in good shape? Find out for sure at Healthy Aging Expo 2019
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Dr. Joe Abretski prepares a device to check posture and alignment at the Upper Cervical Chiropractic booth at The Times’ Healthy Aging Expo Wednesday, March 13, 2019, at The Venue at Friendship Springs in Braselton. The expo features demonstrations, health screenings and entertainment. - photo by Scott Rogers

Dozens of vendors will gather Wednesday, Sept. 25, at the Frances Meadows Aquatic Center for the Healthy Aging Expo, put on by The Times.

"There will be more vendors than ever," Times Director of Revenue Lean Nelson said. "We've had a lot of excitement and interest in this event. It's grown over the past three years."

The Heart Center and Northeast Georgia Medical Center Diabetes Services will provide their respective carotid and glucose screenings.

Audiologist Marilyn Schorn Bellows of Gainesville Hearing Services said they test hearing on people of all ages, “from babies on to people in their 100s.”

“Hearing aid technology has improved immensely over the years and kind of improves every 12 to 18 months with the advent of new products … There’s bluetooth connectivity nowadays, which people really, really like,” Schorn-Bellows said.

Healthy Aging Expo

Where: Frances Meadows Aquatic Center, 1545 Community Way, Gainesville

When: 9 a.m. to noon Wednesday, Sept. 25

Through Medicare, there are plans that offer hearing services and discounts on hearing aids, she said.

In recent years, Schorn-Bellows said they have been focusing on co-morbidities, or simultaneous chronic diseases or conditions, with hearing loss including dementia, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

“We’ve been really telling people how important hearing is as a gateway to the brain and how important it is to keep sensory stimulus coming in,” she said.

Your CBD Store owner Cecily Sharp, said people can come in for consultations and explain more about how the cannabidiol works. The store offers CBD products without THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana.

Breaking down the age demographics of her customers, there are two large groups that are 50-80 and 25-35.

The younger generation is usually looking for help with stress, anxiety and focus, Sharp said.

“Usually, they are looking for help for pain management a lot of times. Arthritis is another big thing,” Sharp said of her older customers, adding sleep help is another main concern.

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