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Students use their ears to play ball
West Hall paraprofessional April Jenkins helps guide a blindfolded Breanna Campbell towards first base Friday morning during a game of beep ball at Mulberry Creek Community Center.

Blindfolded students from West Hall, with their partners guiding them, searched for a rolling beep ball Friday morning during Disability Resource Center’s annual Beep Ball event at Mulberry Creek Community Center.

Beep Ball is traditionally a form of softball or kickball for the visually-impaired. As the name implies, a ball with a beeper inserted into it emits a loud sound which the blindfolded batter must kick when pitched. Naturally, the blindfolded fielders and baseman try to retrieve the ball based on its beeping sound.

To aid runners, bases are replaced with 48-inch-tall cylinders that emit their own buzz. A run is scored when the ball is hit into fair territory and the runner makes it to the buzzing base before an outfielder is able to gain possession of the beeping ball.

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