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Spoilers: Gainesville's Luke P. gets fired up over nude bungee jumping in this week’s ‘Bachelorette’
06262019 BACHELORETTE 1.jpg
Luke Parker, right, and Mike arm wrestle during the show's trip to Latvia. (ABC/Mark Bourdillon)

Last week’s Scotland episode ended with this season’s Bachelorette Hannah Brown unsure if she could envision herself marrying one of her remaining suitors. This week’s episode set in Latvia came with newfound positivity, but not without a hefty dose of Luke P. drama.

Garrett Powell, Luke Parker’s main antagonist last week, went on the first one-on-one date. The date’s activities included nude bungee jumping (yes, Brown and Powell bungee jumped naked, it was a whole thing) and a romantic dinner that evening, which concluded with him accepting a rose. 

Once word got out about the nude bungee jumping, Parker had a few strong words.  

“I’m shocked,” Parker said in an on-camera interview. “This is a woman I want to spend the rest of my life with and totally thought that was crossing the line. Her body is her temple and to expose it to anyone who isn't her husband — that’s a slap to my face.  

“If she really is the one for me, and I believe that she is, there’s a lot of answers I need. I have to say something.” 

Other contestants thought Brown’s actions were praise-worthy, proof that she was making decisions for herself despite the possibility of ridicule later. 

“She is living Riga to the fullest,” Tyler Cameron said of the city in Latvia they were visiting.

Parker and seven other men joined Brown for the group date at a food market. During Parker and Brown’s alone time, he brought up the date between she and Powell, one week after the men agreed they’d “stay in each other’s lanes” after their drama in Scotland drove Brown to tears. 

He compared the feeling he had when hearing about the nude bungee jumping to being cheated on. 

“I’m just thinking of you holding him bare skinned,” Parker told Brown. “It really pissed me off and frustrated me.”

She responded, “I had a choice in what I wanted to do. I knew where my heart was in it. It wasn’t in a sexual way. It was an experience that I wanted to have for myself.”

Parker then mentioned that he’s looking for her to meet his family and that her actions were “a slap in the face,” but also reeling back his emotions by saying he will always support her even if she makes a “bone-headed mistake.”

“I know that we can work through anything,” Parker said in an on-camera interview.

Brown then awarded Cameron the group date rose.

The second one-on-one date was given to Peter Weber. He and Brown began their date at a sauna. Brown mentioned in an on-camera interview that Weber makes her feel like a woman. They ended the night over a candlelight dinner, and he was awarded a rose.

As expected, each commercial break was prefaced with a look into the episode’s forthcoming Parker drama.

One scene depicted Powell and Parker together arguing about the nude bungee jumping. Powell heard that Parker mentioned the date during his one-on-one time, which they swore off doing last week.

“I just think that asking Hannah about details on a date you weren't on, I thought that was you coming out of your lane,” Powell said.

Parker asks that Powell promise not to bring this conversation up to Brown before the rose ceremony. Powell then asks, “Why should I promise you anything man?” 

And when you thought the episode couldn’t be more Parker-centric, Brown entered the men’s hotel suite the next morning, asking to speak with Parker. It involves the conversation she had with him, concerning the bungee jumping date. 

“Since then I have been processing what that conversation was and how it made me feel and some of what was said needs to be addressed so that we’re both on the same page of who I am,” Brown said in an on-camera interview. 

She explained to him that he is not her husband and that he does not own her body.

Parker then apologizes for making assumptions before she could recount the date and for mentioning “bone-headed mistake” when referring to the nude bungee jumping. He also apologized for insinuating that he wasn’t necessarily confident in wanting her to meet his family.

“I didn’t mean that,” Parker said. “I was totally misunderstood now that you’re bringing it up in that way. From day one, I wanted you to meet my family … If I said that, I meant I want you to be excited to meet my family.”

Brown had a bit of a scold for Parker leading up to the rose ceremony.

“I want a man that it doesn’t take me screaming and being in your face to finally be like this,” Brown said. “This process does not work if you aren’t yourself 100 percent of the time.”

Six roses had been given out as Parker waited (for the second week in a row) beside two other men vying for the final rose of the night. 

Brown called Parker’s name and whispered encouraging words to him, “There’s goodness inside you, and I see that.”

Dustin Kendrick was one of the two contestants who did not receive a rose, and he offered insight into the show’s main punching bag.

”For Luke P. to get a rose, the only thing that I can come up with is that she’s already in love with him,” he said. “I think if she wasn’t, he would’ve left a long time ago.”

Chris Harrison asked Brown on her own, “What do you like about Luke?” after the ceremony concluded.

She responded, “I’m either falling in love with Luke or Luke is making me go crazy. I’m not sure which one.”

There seems to be some truth in Kendrick’s hunch. 

The two-hour long episode ended how it began. A preview of next week’s episode followed, revealing escalating hostility toward Parker — more than one might have thought possible.

The tidbit shows Parker yelling at Powell. The scene flips to Hannah crying, coming to the realization that, “I don’t know what to do. I’ve never been surrounded by so much fighting and I’m scared.”