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Speed likely a factor in motorcycle wreck
Woman transported to hospital after crash on Browns Bridge
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After flipping her motorcycle in a high speed crash on Browns Bridge Wednesday, a motorcyclist was transported via ambulance to Northeast Georgia Medical Center-Gainesville.

Georgia State Patrol Cpl. Dallas Van Scoten said that as of Wednesday afternoon the driver,

Sarai Aguayo-Garcia, 40 of Cumming, was sedated at the hospital. He said her injuries did not appear to be life-threatening.

The wreck occurred at about 11 a.m.

“The motorcycle was traveling east across the bridge at a high rate of speed and came up on traffic that was slowed,” Van Scoten said. “Basically, the motorcycle skidded, trying to stop. (She) went around a car and the motorcycle flipped.”

Added Van Scoten: “Speed was likely a factor.”

Witness Joseph Chapman spotted the motorcyclist coming across the bridge in the opposite direction of what he was traveling.

“I saw her locking the brakes up,” Chapman said. “She came tumbling into my lane, and there was nothing I could do. I stopped the truck, got out and ran to her.”

Chapman said Aguayo-Garcia landed near the trailer attached to his pickup truck. He got out to see if she was OK.

“She was breathing heavily,” Chapman said. “She was gasping.”

The wreck shut down traffic in both directions for nearly an hour. No other injuries were reported.

Bad wrecks like this aren’t uncommon on this stretch of Browns Bridge Road, said Becky Gurney, manager of a business located less than a mile from the bridge.

“It’s just really bad,” said Gurney, resident manager of North Lanier Storage on the Hall County side of Browns Bridge.

The business opened in April, and since then Gurney’s already seen traffic backed up on multiple occasions due to wrecks on or near the bridge.

“Our mail carrier, when he tries to slow down to turn into the parking lot, cars will fly past him,” Gurney said. “Pulling out of here is dangerous too.”

She said a lowered speed limit might be the answer.

“The county does patrol this area,” Gurney said. “But there are speeders who slide right past here.”