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Sardis compactor replacement opening Tuesday
A new northwest Hall County compactor site at 3166 Brackett Drive will open for service on Tuesday, replacing the Sardis compactor location. The new site features above-ground compactors and a separate area for recyclables.

Sardis compactor replacement

Where: 3166 Brackett Drive, Gainesville

Opening day: After 7 a.m. Tuesday

Regular hours: 7:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Monday-Saturday; 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sunday

A new northwest Hall County compactor site at 3166 Brackett Drive opens Tuesday, taking the place of the current Sardis compactor location.

Dual garbage compactors and a recycling station covering the full suite of recyclables will open to area residents after 7 a.m. Tuesday, according to Hall County Public Works and Public Utilities Director Ken Rearden and the lead engineer for the project, Jason Skarda.

Work began in February to replace the current compactor at 2801 Sardis Road — the county’s busiest compactor.

Construction for the new facility is finishing just under its $575,000 budget and a bit behind schedule because of rain through the spring and summer, the engineers said, but it promises to be much more efficient than the current Sardis compactor.

“If you drive to the old compactor site on Sardis Road, it is very cramped and down in a hole by the lake,” Rearden said on Tuesday. “Traffic lines up in the weekend out on Sardis Road trying to get in there. With this site, we’ve got dual trash compactors instead of one, so we’ve got two lanes of traffic moving all the time.”

The new compactors are above ground, unlike the existing, below-ground trash compactors. They sit on about 2 acres of land donated for the project by Hall County Schools.

Using the site won’t be much different than the Sardis compactor, but there will be multiple lanes of traffic and a separate area for recycling.

“In this case, it almost will operate similar to gas pumps at a gas station,” Skarda said, noting that motorists will pull up to both sides of the compactor at the same time.

The new facility will receive recyclables including glass, paper, cans, oil and clothes. Of those, paper, plastic and metals can be thrown into a designated compactor for recyclables, making it “much easier” for both the public and the county to handle them, Rearden said.

The new facility is less than half a mile from the current Sardis Road compactor, which will be demolished and the land returned to the Army Corps of Engineers, according to Rearden.

Hall County government operates 12 compactors throughout the county.

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