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Riverside seeks new commandant of cadets
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Following the abrupt departure of its commandant of cadets, Riverside Military Academy is refilling the position.

Lt. Col. Kevin Jarrard resigned from the school in October following “a management disagreement.” President Col. Jim Benson said the search for a new commandant is underway.

“We’ve started the search and the interviews begin on the 22nd of December,” Benson said. “... There are some candidates in-house and outside as well.”

Adriane Seymour, director of communications, said the duties of commandant have been filled since Jarrard left.

“Lt. Col. Seth Hathaway, the RMA executive officer, has been serving as the interim commandant of cadets since Lt. Col. Jarrard’s resignation,” Seymour said.

According to Seymour, Hathaway will likely remain the interim commandant until the end of the school year in May.

Benson said the executive officer is the second in command at a military prep school, after the president. The new hire may assume the role of executive officer temporarily, to observe Hathaway in the commandant position.

“What we may do, depending on the experience level of the candidate who gets the job, he might end up just staying in the executive officer position until summer or until he sees how the commandant operates,” Benson said. “Then in the summer, Col. Hathaway would more than likely come up here to be executive officer and the new commandant could begin with his legs under him and knowing what the job’s about.”

Hathaway is well-prepared to fill the position in the interim period, coming from a lengthy career in military education. He was educated in boys’ military schools for high school and college and has a bachelor’s in education with a master’s in school administration.

“Eight years a cadet, 20 years in the Marine Corps,” Hathaway said. “I worked in education commands in the Marine Corps and I’m an educator by trade.”

The school announced Jarrard’s departure in a Facebook post in October, which stated:

“Staff and faculty changes are challenging events when they occur during the school year, and Riverside is no exception having endured many such changes during its 108 year history. We will continue to press on in our mission of preparing young men for the rigors of college and life as the faculty and staff at this great academy have done for decades before us.”