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This retirement benefit may come to bus drivers and nutrition staff in Gainesville Schools
Gainesville school bus

Gainesville City Schools’ bus drivers, nutrition staff and other employees may soon be able to carry over their unused sick days into retirement like teachers. 

Priscilla Collins, Gainesville’s chief professional services officer, touched on the item of information during the Gainesville City Board of Education work session on Monday, Oct. 7. 

The proposal requests that the district pay retired non-teacher employees out a certain amount based on their number of unused sick days. 

Collins said some of the criteria to receive the payout includes being a member of the Public School Retirement System, working for the school system for a minimum of 10 years and not having resigned in lieu of termination. 

If an employee has 29 to 30 unused sick days, Collins said they would have a payout of $1,000. Those with 40 to 59 unused sick days would receive a $2,000 payout, employees with 60 to 79 days would get $3,000 and people with 80 to 89 days would have a $4,000 payout.

“They would only be eligible to be paid back the one time,” Collins said. 

Jeremy Williams, Gainesville’s superintendent, said many employees like bus drivers rarely miss a day’s work. By having this retirement payout option, he said the system will be able to reward good attendance as employees leave the school district. 

“It takes out that variable, ‘I’m going to retire in two months and I’ve got enough days, so I’m going to just not show up for the next two months,’” Williams said. “But, now there’s an incentive to show up and then we’ll pay you out at the end.”

This proposal will come before the board again as a consent item during next month’s Gainesville City Board of Education meeting on Nov. 18. 

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